CORE THERAPY - Company Message
 is a Holistic Health provider of Advanced Massage & Bodywork  with an approach that creates optimal health and maximum vitality.
Holistic Health combines the best of contemporary science of medicine with ancient wisdom of all civilizations concerning health, life, happiness, disease, vitality, and longevity.
The goal of Core Therapy is to teach self-empowering techniques that will enable you to attain unto higher levels of wellness and happiness, to prevent illness and stay young in mind, body, and spirit.
Core Therapy offers proven methods of advanced Professional Massage and Healing Bodywork Therapy that are therapeutically effective, in that clients have reported relief from pain or complete elimination of pain.
Holistic Health aims to improve the quality of your Diet, Exercise, Self-care, Breathing, Nutrition and Digestion, Self-Awareness, Social Relationships, and Spirituality.
"Illness is not so much shrouded in mystery as it is a function
of how you think, breath, move, and sleep, your diet, and relationship with others.
Within this realm lies success or failure in your
physical health and emotional happiness."
Prevention is a key strategy to good health and longevity.
 Holistic Healthcare  supports emotional intelligence, self-confidence, meditation, self-healing, financial stability, spirituality, compassion,and love.
Affluence, unboundedness, and abundance are our natural state.  
Photo:   Clark, CO.  (fall 2007)
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