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 Advanced Holistic Massage & Bodywork 
Energy Healing Therapy
Core Therapy Institute, established in Asheville, North Carolina in 1996, uses a Holistic approach to healing that creates optimal health and maximum vitality.

CTI is an independent, private practice that caters to health needs of those who are in pain. 

CTI provides a safe office environment where you can come and recieve the care you need with compassion. 

CTI specializes in relief or elimination of pain and suffering.
 CTI 's priority and dedication are to those in chronic pain.

  With experienced hands and intuition, we utilize an energetic approach designed to align, balance, sooth, heal, and re-vitalize your body, awaking a new dimension of gratitude.
CTI  offers John F. Barnes  MYOFASCIAL RELEASE  and other various techniques as Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology,  and Structual Alignment form that will melt away tension, stress, and anxiety, muscle aches, knots, and eliminate painful joints and bones.
CTI offers treatment for strain /sprain injuries that will enable you to regain normal function sooner with structural integrity of bones, ligaments, joints.

CTI offers pre-conditioning bodywork and massage for athletes to enhance optimal function and performance. ( Call for more information)
CTI offer light touch therapies as Craniosacral and Polarity Therapy
that are powerful techniques used for deep healing,
mind, body, and spirit.
In addition, Yoga, Meditation, Conscious Breathing, and Breath Training are available.
CTI  is a learning center that teaches self-care skills and knowledge that will enable you to maintain the benefits of living in a relaxed,
well composed body of consciousness.
"In our core is a foundation of health and well-being"
 At CTI, we offer you a dynamic healing experience and teach skills that will enable you to maintain a superior state of health, mind, body, and spirit.

The healing techniques applied with an energetic approach used at CTI are proven techniques that will, (when you are ready) enable you to experience authentic healing that will bring out the best in you
feeling gratitude, love for self, and zest for life!
 making the world a better place to live...
one person at a time.
(803) 553-5454
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